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Why do you benefit from Bodywave FSM?

Bodywave (Frequency Specific Micro Current) provides deep relaxation when the body resides in a state of disbalance. Some of these disbalances are:

• Sleeping problems  

• Traumas                                          

• Weak immune system
• Chronical stress                              

• Emotional fluctuations
• Muscle- and joint pains  

• Neuralgic pains

What is Bodywave (FSM) exactly?

Bodywave (FSM) therapy works with very low electrical micro-current that is sent through the body. This micro-current is compatible with the body’s own ‘current’ or cell energy and is transmitted through electrical pads or warm-wet towels.

There are different types protocols depending on the objective of the treatment, which are programmed to provide relaxation to specific conditions.

The duration of a session depends on the origin of the disbalance and the objective of the treatment.

How does a Bodywave (FSM) session work?

Depending on the specific condition(s) :

• The duration of one session may vary from 60 min to 90 min.

• We recommend between 3 and 8 sessions for the best possible results

• One or more protocols can be performed simultaneously

Please Note

If you have any health issues (heart conditions and other) please inform us beforehand.

Bodywave (FSM) sets no medical diagnose, is not a medical treatment and does not replace any medical treatment.

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