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Heart Wave

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Why do you benefit from Heartwave therapy?

Heartwave stimulates your heart rate variability and helps you develop better stress management. It activates and stimulates your self-healing capacity and your immune system.

Teach your body to cope better with internal tensions and fears. Heartwave helps you to find inner peace and balance, improves your quality of sleep, concentration and creativity and helps to prevent depression and burn-out.

What exactly is Heartwave?

Heartwave measures your heartrate variability in real-time and translates those specific frequencies of your heart into audible sound and even converts it into music. You listen to your own heart music in real-time through a headset. This moment of relaxation and your personal Heartwave music will increase your heartrate variability and will provide real-time bio-feedback to your brain.

Your brain is then stimulated to adjust and correct any imbalances.

After the session you will be provided with personal feedback and a report with your parameters. You will receive a USB stick with a recording of your own Heartwave music that was created and captured during the session so you can listen and further relax at home.

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How does a Heartwave session work?

A standard treatment consists of two separate sessions at our center.

First session : 

• Intake   

• 30 minutes treatment

• You receive a USB-stick with your personal ‘Heartmusic’.
• You receive a documented Heartwave report via e-mail.

Second session :        

• 2 to 6 weeks after the intake session
• 30 minutes treatment
• The new Heartmusic is put on your USB-stick

Please note

We can accommodate at location for companies and groups. Contact us for terms and conditions.

If you have health issues (especially heart conditions) please inform us beforehand.


Heartwave sets no medical diagnose, is not a medical treatment and does not replace any medical treatment.

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