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Inspired by

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Inspired by

When you place a big rock in the river, the flow changes forever…

a few times in your life you encounter people that inspire you so profoundly that you are challenged to grow.

I feel honoured being inspired by the following people.

Spero Clinic - Neurologic Relief

SPERO CLINIC learned me that irreversibility in medical conditions is not always to be taken literally.


Doctor Katinka is a cougar. Her team consists of devoted warriors.

Their aim : helping and solving the impossible. Achieving neurologic relief for people whose endless pain became their life and their life becomes pain.


This one of a kind clinic in Fayetteville, Arkansas makes use of the best available state of the art techniques. Quantum Neurology, Neuro-Muscular Re-education, … you name it.

Take a look at the Speroclinic website

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Yu Sen - Eastern Therapy Center

YU SEN learned me that people don’t exist of bodyparts. Mind, body, heart and soul are an undivided unity.

Through the teaching and application of oriental therapies, Alice Deen shows you how to respectfully awaken the overwhelming self-healing powers through shiatsu, cranio-sacral work, reflexology, nutrition and healthy cooking and much more.

Take a look at the Yu Sen website

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Dr. Carolyn McMakin - FSM

FREQUENCY SPECIFIC MICROCURRENT learns me that resonance and frequencies rule the waves of health.


When disbalances occur, FSM is the most amazing tool that uses bodily frequencies to re-establish balance and harmony.

Dr. Carolyn McMakin crosses the planet to spread the word and teach the techniques that can help so many by ‘simply’ adding some targetted microcurrent to the body. Beneficiary for so many physical, mental and emotional conditions.

Take a look at the frequencyspecific website

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