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About Clicking Pure

The main goal of CLICKING PURE is to positively and respectfully detect and restore the strengths and weaknesses in this balance, and to guide people to a better energy balance.

Over the last years the speed of life has changed drastically and “success” is not any longer, and should not be the only goal people strive for. Harmony, balance and happiness are the things that we really want. Realizing this we decided to start up CLICKING PURE, Balance & Happiness Coaching, which is added to the already existing business component of CLICKING Passion for YOUR Results.

CLICKING PURE is focused on healing, conservation and recovery of personal balances as a consequence of long term and/or intense stress and (pre)burn-out.

The four pillars CLICKING PURE will work on for a harmonious balance in life are based upon these energy levels:


Head: Mental energy

Body: Physical energy

Heart: Emotional energy

Sense: Purpose & awareness

Let's get back in balance.together.

Bart Goethals

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