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This is my Pure story
"I coach and inspire people and organisations for over 25 years now. 
Over the last decade the speed of life has drastically increased:
every day more comes on top and a day still only has 24 hours.
Also our private situation requires much more from us then before.
I see lots of stress at all levels and at all ages.
Exhaustion, burnouts, depressions are just around the corner...
‘Success’ as we know it will no longer be the ultimate goal.
Balance and harmony will fairly take over. So take a moment to awaken your personal awareness. Success and growth are OK,
as long as they are embedded in balance & harmony"

Bart Goethals

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Heart Wave

Heartwave allows you to feel , hear and improve your heart rate variability. This is your ability to adapt your heartrate in diverse situations. It improves stress tolerance and helps you deal with complex situations and helps you switch between total focus and complete relaxation.

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Body Wave

Bodywave (FSM) healing therapy that works with very low electrical micro-current that is sent through the body which is compatible with the body’s own ‘current’ or cell energy. This micro-curent is transmitted through electric pads or warm-wet towels.

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How do we bring back your balance?

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Heartwave session

In this first session we will get to know you and give you information about the how heartwave works and what to expect.

Relax to music generated by your own heart rate variability. Learn your brain to listen to your heart again.

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Personal music
Feedback report

You will take home your presonal heart music on a 64GB USB stick to use it at home for deep relaxation.

With a complete but understandable report of your heart rate variability you gain insight in how well you can cope with stressful situations.

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